Permanent Makeup, also known as semi-permanent makeup, micro-pigmentation or eyebrow embroidery involves implanting pigment into the top layer of the skin's surface.

The pigment used, unlike body tattooing, is laid more superficially into the skins structure, meaning that natural exfoliation, and the body’s metabolism, gradually removes the pigment over 3-5 years typically. This is why the terms ‘permanent’ and ‘semipermanent’ are used interchangeably, good quality permanent Makeup treatments will still fade. This is important and beneficial as changes to shape and colour can be made as your  face, hair colour and taste changes. This is why it is recommended that you refresh your new brows periodically.
The equipment used here at Brow Therapy is a tiny needle attached to a small hand piece. Numbing cream will make your treatment painless, the sensation will be of mild vibration. It is not unusual for a client to fall asleep during an eyebrow procedure.


This is an appointment made to determine whether permanent Makeup can give you what you are looking for and an opportunity to  ask any questions you have. We will assess your natural eyebrows, look at your face shape and colouring to determine the most flattering eyebrow structure for you.


We will make sure you are completely happy with the eyebrow design before going ahead with the procedure. You will go away with aftercare products and instructions of how to care for you brows until the follow up appointment 30 days later.

Follow up appointment (30 days later). This is to reinforce any area of your new brows that need it.


These are recommended every 12-18 months to refresh your eyebrows and keep them looking defined.


The duration of a consultation can vary depending on how much you already know about the procedure. Time is spent looking at your features and designing & discussing your ideal brow. A skin test can also be applied during this time.

On the day of your procedure time will be spent;

  • Drawing your ideal shape brow (or eyeliner/lips)
  • Making sure you understand the procedure and your brow design
  • Taking pictures (before & after)
  • Waiting for the numbing cream to take effect
  • Carrying out the Micro-Pigmentation Procedure
  • Discussing aftercare to create the best conditions for healing.

The actual Micro-Pigmentation procedure will make up only part of the whole appointment time. Allow yourself 4 hours in total for your first appointment for Permanent Eyebrows (although your appointment may end sooner). Eye and lip procedures also vary depending on what procedure is chosen.

Your safety and comfort during the procedure are a priority. Care is taken to make sure the treatment area, and you as a whole, are comfortable throughout the service. During the treatment you will experience a vibrating sensation but not pain. It is common for clients to fall asleep on and off during eyebrow procedures.

Your Permanent Makeup will fade gradually over time. It is recommended that you refresh/boost your treatment area periodically. Left without these ‘refresh’ appointments, your makeup will fade out and will typically disappear in between 3-5 years. Refresh appointments are recommended at 12-18month intervals.

Payments for your treatment can be split into up to four instalments so that the cost can be spread out.

Consultation cost / deposit / main appointment / top up 30 days later.

An exact breakdown will depend on the total cost of treatment, and can be discussed ahead of booking, or at consultation.

Payments can be made by card, cash, or bank transfer.

You will notice that most of the healing takes place in the first 10 days. During this time your brows will appear slightly darker before they flake but this should all be over by day 10. There is a similar pattern of healing for the eyes and the lips. 30 days of healing needs to take place in between the first and second appointment.

A consultation before you decide to book the treatment is recommended (but not compulsory). At this time your preferred style and the right shade for you is discussed. You are involved in creating the most flattering brow for your face.

There is no obligation to go ahead with treatment if you are unsure. At the main appointment the drawing will be done again and you will know at this stage if you are happy with all aspects before going ahead. Because the pre-agreed drawing is used to work from, you will know that your final design is exactly what you wanted.

Yes, there is no reason why not.

There are a few factors that affect how natural the finished brows will look. They are;

  • Brow shape chosen
  • Colour chosen
  • Amount of brow hair you grow naturally
  • Your skin’s natural texture
  • Colour technique chosen

I have never had a situation where a client wasn’t completely happy with how their healed brows looked.

Your preferences are the first thing to be discussed at the consultation. It can be determined at this stage whether your expectations can be met. You would never be expected to go ahead with a shape you are not completely happy with.

It is necessary to avoid alcohol and caffeine 24 hours prior to your appointment. The presence of these two substances in your system can make it more difficult for the pigment to hold in the skin.

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